• We raise money to fund projects that seek to improve the treatment of Kent cancer patients. All the money we raise in Kent is spent in Kent. The more money we can raise, the more money we can spend on cancer care improvements!

You can see how we arrange fund raising by clicking here

We fund projects in the following areas:

  • We work with all Kent hospitals and Kent universities to identify areas where improvements in cancer treatment are needed. In the process of doing that we help train research scientists and at the same time keep Kent based clinicians and their teams up to date with the latest scientific developments.
  • We provide the latest  equipment for Kent universities to support the cancer research they carry out.
  • We provide publicity materials for Kent hospitals to explain the importance of watching for and acting on early signs of cancer
  • We sponsor public lectures to help bring people up to date with cancer issues

We expect the projects we support to have clear aims and objectives and to have a good chance of achieving an improvement in patient care. Please click here to discover the projects we have supported and are currently supporting on our project pages.

Our website also contains details of:

interesting  blogs from the MSc scholars we support. These give informed discussion  about cancer issues and are well worth reading.  Click here

organisations that help us. Click here

local cancer help organisations. Click here  

our Data Protection policy. Click  here

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