Collections in memory of a loved one

Collections in memory of a loved one

Rather than giving flowers in memory of someone who has died, many people prefer now to give money to charity as a way of showing their appreciation of the person concerned.

We hope that information provided on our website has shown you that Kent Cancer Trust is a charity worthy of that kind of support.

There are two separate ways of making a collection here:

1   Funeral Directors will be able to include collection details on Press notifications of  a death and to include this information on the Orders of Service for the funeral too.

They will give you a list of donations received and will send the total money raised to the charity concerned.


2   Some people wish to make their donations in a slightly more public way by making use of organisations such as Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving, both of which offer In Memoriam notice boards that can contain messages.

Kent Cancer Trust uses both these giving systems and the following links should connect you to the provider that you prefer:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving