Data Protection Policy


Kent Cancer Trust only uses information about you for four possible purposes:

  1. If you are setting up a Standing Order to be able to give regularly to Kent Cancer Trust, we will need to write to your bank to do this. We will also use your name and address to write and thank you.
  2. If your donation asks that Kent Cancer Trust should collect Gift Aid as well, we will communicate with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to provide your name and address, so that we can obtain that extra financial assistance, in accordance with your request.
  3. If you have asked us to provide you with regular updates on Kent Cancer Trust’s activities, we will use your name and address for that purpose only.
  4. If you are taking part in one of our activities, such as the annual Golf Day, we will use your name and address and possibly phone number to let you know of any last minute changes to the event’s organisation.

Kent Cancer Trust will not give your name and address to any other organisation without your permission.

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