Regular and one off Donations


We have tried to present different ways of donating to Kent Cancer Trust so that you can choose whichever method suits you best.

Regular or one off donations

You will find a form that provides a simple way of paying by cheque, your bank to our bank transfer or an alternative form to help with regular payments by standing order.

If you can give regularly, this helps us plan to fund our regular expenditure. If you can give by using Gift Aid, then that increases the value of your gift by 25% and can also help you, when completing your tax return, to minimise your own tax payments.

Gifts via Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving

We have good contacts with both Just Giving and Virgin Money Giving and by clicking on the links to these organisations you can make a payment to Kent CancerTrust.

Both of these organisations offer the ability to pay using Gift Aid.

You may find that these organisations are particularly appropriate for raising money for sponsorship; our sponsorship page may help you here.

The Just Giving system can be accessed by clicking this logo:




The Virgin Money Giving site can be accessed by clicking this logo:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving