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Kent Cancer Trust was pleased to host a meeting at Oakwood House,   Maidstone on 6th June at which Professor Stephen Powis, Medical Director NHS England spoke about the “NHS at 70”.

   Before he spoke he had looked at the    various posters provided from the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University and spoke to the scientists that had prepared them. He used the information displayed to focus attention on the speed with which medical knowledge was increasing and the implications of that for the design of health service provision.

The previous weekend had seen the announcement of the success of CAR T cells  to fight off cancer. This kind of technology clearly has significant potential for the development of new ways of fighting cancer, with consequent NHS implications.



The poster display attracted a good deal of interest from attendees.

Among the posters was information about projects supported by Kent Cancer Trust, including Fungal Infections affecting Throat Cancer larynx and trachea patients, Triple Negative Breat Cancer, information about the use of venoms in the treatment of cancer, together with project work from the MSc students.  It was great to see and hear the young scientists explaining their work.



In introducing the meeting, Tim Bentley, Vice Chair of Kent Cancer Trust, outlined the range of projects that had been supported by the charity. Kent's universities clearly have a wide capability and had already introduced some helpful innovations that had 'Made a difference to cancer care in Kent'

That is Kent Cancer Trust objective.



He explained that Kent Cancer Trust had provided over £232k to fund projects since its formation. Money that had been raised and spent in Kent!


We were delighted to welcome Lady Kingsdown, Patron of Kent Cancer Trust to introduce Professor Powis.

She mentioned how pleased she was to see Vice Patron, Professor Bill Gullick at the meeting explaining how her interest in Kent Cancer Trust had developed as a result of reading an article that he had written in a local paper. But she was particularly pleased that Professor Powis had been able to come to Kent to outline the way in which the NHS had developed over the years and to consider some of the changes that might be expected in future.







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