Latest Fund raising news

Most charities indicate that fund raising has been partiularly difficult during the last two years as a result of the Covid-19  lockdown period.

Kent Cancer Trust was,however, fortunate enough during this time to be chosen by the Canterbury accountancy practice, Burgess Hodgson, as a local charity to suppport. While the traditional fund raising opportunities, that usually involve a lot of social interaction, ceased to be available shortly after that nomination was given, Burgess Hodgson nonetheless managed to fund raise during the lock down period.

Tim Bentley, Vice Chairman of Kent Cancer Trust, was therefore particularly  pleased to  receive a cheque for £3,500 from the Burgess Hodgson fund raising team in mid May 2022 and to have the opportunity of bringing staff members up to date with the research projects that it had funded.

We remain very grateful for this useful support as it has given Kent Cancer Trust the confidence to commit more funds to be invested in the search for a cure to the infections that are caused by biofilm growing in the feeding tubes of  patients who are unable to be fed through  their mouths.


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